Paper, “weight” I’m voting like a hamster


F9EEE044-8662-40C0-9C23-69342E8AE0CCHamsters are mainly nocturnal creatures that like to burrow in small places and live for cutting up paper and storing it as a way of creating a sleep cushion. This is Astroid our Syrian hamster…and his little rocket shaped home akin to Barbara Eden’s “I dream of Jeannie” bottle home. Our hamster gets plenty of exercise on his wheel and we even put him into a “hamster ball” for about 10 minutes twice a week for extra exercise ….after all animals naturally do what is best for them! But what about us? We often “spin our wheels” and get nowhere fast ….especially in the name of ‘progress.’

I had thought of it before I had to vote this year for the EU elections how ridiculously burdensome and outright confusing it is to vote in Greece. I better understand why the government can really be “hazardous” for our health — check out my ‘when systems don’t work’ post.  Speaking of ‘civic literacy’ as I pondered over the 42 different parties to choose from I realized

1) I didn’t know half of the parties running for office,  never mind unidentifiable logos and rebellious terminology such as “adarsia” (ανταρσία) was more often an option.

2) so much paper wasted —those poor landfills — and nothing is done electronically (yet),


3) there was so much dirty tagging around the public school  grounds (the place I voted at) and even this silly “penis” series  …given it was a high school and students that age explore newfound  sexuality I guess we should not focus on the vandalism or call it “penis envy” (lol) ! EDC469DC-CDC0-4997-AD02-5A7890ACF5C7.jpegDo the municipalities and the school principals not understand about recycling? About teaching kids to “care” about their school grounds as well as each other ? Do I need to say more?! Why all the paper “weight”? Yet we “wait” too long to start building health literacy in our younger people?

I really liked the cover of the Quarterly magazine put out by the University of Athens ‘New Health’ (Νέα Υγεία) 84E66815-FEE4-4F0A-BE3B-0ACF042A1471so let’s turn a new page and focus on prevention like primary basic things to help kids build confidence and take better care of their bodies, and maybe rethink our waste for elections all for the good of health literacy shall we? Else we simply remain ‘in the dark.’


2 thoughts on “Paper, “weight” I’m voting like a hamster

  1. jeffrey levett says:

    As one ham said to a hamster, keep pedaling….. keep the wheel turning and a pellet may fall, but perhaps down will come baby, government and all. Yes to rethink the waste in elections and to keep out envy of all kinds.Your hamster pedaling for prevention is a good thing. ‘New Health’ (Νέα Υγεία), University of Athens is also a good thing but who is going to make it work? Given the tough issues Greece will face in health, building leadership capacity at every level is now more than ever a must.Your hamster could lead the way if he could also go linear, for animals as you say have naturally done what is best for them, until now! Climate change is a negatively directed change agent. But what about us you ask? This is a question also for citizen and government alike.Let’s hope that whatever new government assumes power it will be used to improve public health. Lower the dose level….what no installments?
    See the Athens ASPHER Accord, 2016; not a single political party responded to it and not a single MEP read it.


  2. jeffrey levett says:

    P.S.Public health leaders will need Peitho, to convince citizens and government of the centrality of population health, which means new competences..


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