About us

The ancient hellenic (Greek) proverb of “a sound body is in a sound mind” as well as the ancient ideals of overall wellness guided by Hippocrates views on the self, mind, body, spirit, and community all part of good health, inspiring this blog. The pages also helpt to promote the health literacy field, highlighting selected information primarily related to Europe and the Americas, with an interdisciplinary focus in the health and social science fields. The information is not intended to replace any medical attention or advice that an individual may need for their condition.

Authors have backgrounds in psychology, clinical social work, public health, language and communication (applied linguistics). We try to combine facts with visuals, focus on nature, inspiring baking and cooking, poetry and arts,  photography for this blog, and of course attempt to raise yours and other’s  health literacy!

We invite you to take our poll on “What is your Type” (HL)

“The happy man is the one who has a healthy body, a wealthy soul and a well educated nature”. Thales (620 – 545 BCE)


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